Research Collaborators

[Projects are described in more detail in section on ‘Creating Knowledge’]

Peter JaffeDr. Peter Jaffe, Co-Principal Investigator, Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, Western University (with Dr. Dawson)Western Logo

Project: Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative with Vulnerable Populations

[Funded by the SSHRC Partnership Grant]



Danielle TysonDr. Danielle Tyson, Deakin UniversityDeakin University

Project: Understanding child homicide and filicide: A focus on intimacy, gender, and punishment

[Funded in part by  Canada Research Chair program]




Dr. Ketreena ScottDr. Katreena Scott, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Family Violence Prevention and Intervention, University ofUniversity of Toronto Toronto

Project: Examining the importance of dynamic risk factors for predicting recidivism and promoting change among domestically violent offenders

[Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council]