Undergraduate Students

Emily HillEmily Hill

Emily Hill is a President's Scholar entering her third year of studies at the University of Guelph, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. She is the vice-president of the Criminal Justice and Public Policy Society on campus and is involved in volunteer work focused on social justice initiatives. Passionate for women’s rights, Emily was drawn to the CSSLRV’s research for its potential to challenge gender inequity, prevent violence, and impact the lives of women internationally. Emily is currently working with Professor Dawson on a variety of projects investigating intimate partner violence and other forms of violence against women.


Gurneet SainiGurneet Saini

Gurneet Saini is currently in her second year of undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph. She is working towards her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminal Justice and Public Policy and a minor in Political Science. She is working with Professor Dawson on the Geography of Justice project which examines jurisdictional patterns in criminal case processing and dispositions by characteristics of the victims, their accused, and the incidents as well as by community and court characteristics. Her research interest includes examining the factors that lead to violent crime.