Hotton and Dawson approved for UCR pilot project

Centre Research Associate Tina Hotton and Myrna Dawson have been selected to conduct research using the Incident-based Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Survey as part of a pilot project being conducted by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics in conjunction with Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centres. One of only seven pilot projects to be conducted across the country, Hotton and Dawson will examine the criminal justice response to intimate partner violence in Canada, building on their current research that explores provincial differences in police charging practices in these types of cases. The UCR Incident-based Survey was designed to measure the incidence of police-reported crime in Canadian society and its characteristics. It captures essential incident-level information on the characteristics of the criminal incidents that come to the attention of police as well as the accused persons and victims involved. Data are collected directly from survey respondents (police services). In addition to offering academic researchers greater access to the UCR data, the pilot project will also provide support for the evaluation and refinement of confidentiality vetting rules for the UCR data and an opportunity to improve end-user documentation. 

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