Fairbairn, Bivens and Dawson to launch research on sexual violence, social media, and youth

Next Tuesday, May 28, Jordan Fairbairn will present preliminary research findings from a community-based research project that explores the intersections of sexual violence, social media and youth. Fairbairn, along with Dr. Rena Bivens, and Dr. Myrna Dawson, have examined current understandings of sexual violence and social media and have engaged the community in identifying appropriate and potential prevention tools. The research and launch event to take place in Ottawa is funded by Crime Prevention Ottawa and supported by the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women. Following the presentation of the results, a brief community consultation will occur with parents, teachers, mentors, youth and concerned community members with the goal of gaining further knowledge about how our community understands, and is responding to, sexual violence, social media and youth. Findings from this consultation will be integrated into the final research report. 

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