International comparison of domestic violence death reviews published in TVA

Myrna Dawson and three Australian collaborators have recently published their findings from an international comparison of domestic/family violence death reviews in Trauma, Violence & Abuse (TVA). Domestic/Family Violence Death Reviews (D/FVDRs) have been established in a number of high-income countries, including Canada and Australia, since 1990 as a mechanism to inform prevention-focused interventions to reduce domestic/family violence. D/FVDRs differ in their structure, governance, case identification processes, case inclusion criteria, review measures, and outputs. To date, however, there has been no systematic examination of the similarities and differences of these initiatives across and within countries. Dawson and her co-authors from the Coroner’s Court of Victoria and the Monash Injury Research Institute compared these initiatives in 25 jurisdictions from five countries to determine common core elements and to identify key differences. Dawson has been a member of the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee in Ontario since 2005, the first committee to be established in Canada. TVA is a practitioner-oriented journal, dedicated to professionals and advanced students in clinical training who work with any form of trauma, abuse, and violence. It strives to compile knowledge that can impact practice, policy, and research. 

Read the full article, “Domestic/Family Violence Death Reviews: An International Comparison.”

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