Churchill Fellow visits CSSLRV researchers

Churchill Fellow and Solicitor Julia Mansour from Women’s Legal Services in New South Wales, Australia, is visiting the Centre for the Study of Social and Legal Responses to Violence at the University of Guelph this week as part of her North American tour to examine research and issues related to women victims of intimate partner violence who become defendants to either criminal charges or protection orders in domestic violence cases. Mansour is meeting with Centre Director Myrna Dawson, Centre researcher and Sociology PhD student, Julie Poon, as well as Sly Castaldi, Executive Director of the Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis, and Pam Cross, Legal Director, Luke’s Place Support and Resource Centre. Churchill Fellowships provide Australians with the opportunity to travel internationally to conduct research in their chosen field of study that may not be as easy to examine in Australia. It aims to further enhance opportunities for talented and deserving Australians who are pursuing further excellence, new ideas and innovation. Churchill Fellowships are highly regarded because they provide pathways for recipients to connect with leaders from across the world, enabling the exchange of knowledge, technology and experience for the enrichment of Australian society.

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