‘Domestic Violence and Death Review’ Book Launched

Today, CSSLRV Director Myrna Dawson held the official book launch for her edited collection, Domestic Homicides and Death Reviews: An International Perspective, in Brisbane, Australia. This edited collection highlights international research on domestic homicides and death reviews. This book focuses on the international development of death reviews, identified risk factors and recommendations for improving system responses to these factors, the recommendations made by death review teams, and the social and public policy implications of the outcomes of these committees for developed and developing countries. This book serves to bridge the gap in knowledge on domestic violent death review initiatives by discussing and analyzing death review processes that are currently in operation or being developed. This international review will have an impact on both policy makers and scholars of social science, women’s studies, and domestic violence. Published by Palgrave Macmillan, Dawson was assisted in the production of the book by CSSLRV researchers Anna Johnson, Michelle Carrigan, Danielle Sutton, and Emily Hill. 

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