Research on police responses to same-sex IPV presented at Congress 2017

CSSLRV researchers – Jessica Whitehead, Myrna Dawson and Tina Hotton – presented research this week at a national conference held in Toronto. Their paper entitled ‘Police responses to reported same-sex intimate partner violence in Canada’ was one of several papers presented by University of Guelph researchers at the Canadian Sociological Associations 52nd Annual Conference – Congress 2017. Their research, led by Whitehead, examines how Canadian police respond to reported incidents of same-sex intimate partner violence, and the likelihood of police recommending that formal charges be laid. To assess this, they examined Statistics Canada’s 2007-2011 Uniform Crime Reporting Survey data and compared reported incidents of same-sex intimate partner violence with those of heterosexual intimate partner violence. Whitehead is a CSSLRV Research Associate who received her Master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy at the University of Guelph and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work at the McGill University. Hotton is a Centre Research Associate and a PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Dawson is the CSSLRV Director who holds a Canada Research Chair in Public Policy in Criminal Justice.

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