New chapter features work on intimacy, justice and geography

Published in partnership with the Canadian Sociological Association (CSA), the book offers students a wide-ranging and accessible overview of current sociological research in Canada. Dawson’s chapter called ‘Intimacy, Geography and Justice’ draws attention to the role of the ‘intimacy discount’ and ‘justice by geography’ through a description of her past, current, and future work examining these issues in the Canadian context. Edited by Patrizia Albanese, Lorne Tepperman and Emily Alexander, the newly-released book contains more than 65 expertly-edited selections by both well-known and up-and-coming CSA members, the reader is organized into 16 thematic parts that explore the main areas of sociological inquiry – from inequality, education, and deviance to politics and mass media. This third edition is composed entirely of new readings and includes a new cross-referencing guide to help instructors and students make conceptual connections between the readings.

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