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Conference Poster Presentations

Wells, E. C. (2009, October). Social and legal impacts of the use of Battered Woman Syndrome at sentencing. Poster presented at the first provincial conference on Women’s Mental Health in Ontario: Building Networks and Research Capacity, Toronto, ON.

Wells, E. C., & Dawson, M. (2009, August). The victim impact statement in a domestic violence court in Ontario. Poster presented at the 117th Convention of the American Psychological Association, Toronto, ON.

Dawson, M. (2008). Canadian Observatory on the Justice System Response to Intimate Partner Violence. European Society of Criminology, Edinburgh, Scotland, September.

Wells, E. C. (2007, June). “Something snapped”: Attributions about intimate partner violence in Canadian newspaper coverage. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association 68th Annual Convention, Ottawa, ON.

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