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Fatality and Death Reviews, Special Issue, Homicide Studies

Myrna Dawson
Fatality and Death Reviews
Homicide Studies 2013 17: 335-338.

Melanie-Angela Neuilly
Putting the Public Back in Public Health: An Argument for the Articulation of Fatality Reviews and Coroners’ Inquests
Homicide Studies 2013 17: 339-352

Lyndal Bugeja, Anna Butler, Emma Buxton, Heidi Ehrat, Michelle Hayes, Sara-Jane McIntyre, and Carolyn Walsh
The Implementation of Domestic Violence Death Reviews in Australia
Homicide Studies 2013 17: 353-374

Tricia B. Bent-Goodley
Domestic Violence Fatality Reviews and the African American Community
Homicide Studies 2013 17: 375-390

Rebecca Powell, Leanne Weber, and Sharon Pickering
Counting and Accounting for Deaths in Australian Immigration Custody
Homicide Studies 2013 17: 391-417

Heather L. Storer, Taryn Lindhorst, and Kelly Starr
The Domestic Violence Fatality Review: Can It Mobilize Community-Level Change?
Homicide Studies 2013 17: 418-435

Danielle Albright, Laura Banks, Lisa Broidy, Cameron Crandall, and Gabriel Campos
Ethical Conundrums in Fatality Review Planning, Data Collection, and Reporting: Viewing the Work of Review Teams Through the Lens of Evaluation
Homicide Studies 2013 17: 436-456

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