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Event Photo Gallery (with photos)

International Domestic Violence Death Review Committee Roundtable Brisbane 2017

Australian Book Launch Domestic Homicides & Death Reviews 2017

It’s About Saving Lives: Responding to Homicide Forum Brisbane 2017

Guelph-Griffith International Graduate Research Exchange Brisbane, 2017

American Society of Criminology 2015

Julie Poon presenting at the International annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology (ASC)  held in Washington, D.C. 

Homicide: Precursors and Prevention Conference, Brisbane, 2014

Addressing Filicide Inaugural International Conference Prato, Italy 2013

Queensland Centre For Domestic & Family Violence Research Mackay, Queensland 2012

In April 2012, Myrna Dawson was invited to participate in the seminar series offered by the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research in Mackay, Queensland. The Centre’s primary purpose is to create and disseminate knowledge to influence, and enhance, policy, programs and practice in the field of domestic and family violence prevention across Queensland. This is done through research, professional development, education and community engagement activities pertaining to domestic and family violence. Dawson presented research on trends in domestic homicides in Canada and provided an overview of findings from the Ontario Domestic Violence Death Review Committee on which she sits as a member. 

Research Collaborations Coroner’s Court of Victoria 2011

While in Australia in 2011 under a Visiting Fellowship position at the Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne, Dawson spent some time at the Coroner’s Court of Victoria out of which the Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Team works. Dawson is collaborating with this unit on an international scan of these review initiatives.

Queensland Domestic Violence Remembrance Day Service 2011

On the first Wednesday in May every year, those who have died because of domestic and family violence are remembered right across Australia. Simultaneous vigils of remembrance began in Queensland in 2005 with the 15 member organisation of the Queensland Domestic Violence Services Network (QDVSN) hosting candle lighting ceremonies at 6pm throughout Queensland. On May 4, 2011, Myrna Dawson spoke at the annual Queensland Domestic Violence Remembrance Day Service in Brisbane.

Seminar Series TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland, 2012

Domestic Violence Death Review Forum Queensland

Action Group Forum, May 5, 2011, Brisbane, Queensland

In May 2011, Myrna Dawson participated in a forum to discuss the recently-released report of the Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Panel. The panel was established to provide expert advice on options for strengthening coronial processes and capacity to comment on such deaths and options to identify systemic gaps and barriers to preventing such deaths. The forum was organized by the Domestic Violence Death Review Action Group. Dawson presented some of the findings to date from the Ontario Domestic Violence Death Review Committee and participated on the panel of experts for discussion following the formal presentations.

Canadian Observatory on the Justice System Response to Intimate Partner Violence Meetings 2008

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