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Research Collaborators

The projects below are described in more detail in section on ‘Creating Knowledge.’

Dr. Carmen Gill

University of New Brunswick

Photo of Dr. Carmen Gill.

Project: Coercive control, risk assessment and evidence of intimate partner violence (IPV): Police response 

[Funded by the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant] 

University of New Brunswick Logo.

Dr. Peter Jaffe

Western University

Dr. Evie Tastsoglou

Saint Mary’s University

Photo of Dr. Evie Tastsoglou.

Project: Violence Against Women Migrants and Refugees: Analyzing Causes and Effective Policy Response 

[Funded in Canada by CIHR as one of the international partners in the GBV-MIG Project, a winning project of the Gender-Net Plus Consortium]

Saint Mary's University Logo.

Dr. Danielle Tyson

Deakin University

Photo of Dr. Danielle Tyson.

Project: Understanding child homicide and filicide: A focus on intimacy, gender, and punishment

[Funded in part by  Canada Research Chair program]

Deakin University Logo.
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