Family violence legislation examined in research presented at Congress 2017

CSSLRV researchers Michelle Carrigan and Yvonne Daoleuxay, and Centre Director Myrna Dawson presented research today at the 52nd Annual CSA Conference, part of Congress 2017 being held at Ryerson University, Toronto, all this week. Their research, entitled Problematizing Family Violence Legislation: The Prairie Provinces as a Case Study, was supported by the Canada Research Chair Program and is part of a national study of legislation addressing family and domestic violence. Using Carol Bacchi’s “What’s the Problem Represented to be” (WPR Approach), their critical qualitative analysis examines how family and domestic violence has been defined as a problem in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This research will shed light on how policy influences who will be protected and what types of violence will be included. Future research will examine how the representations of violence in the Prairie Provinces compares to the rest of Canada.

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