Johnson presents findings on punishment outcomes in filicide cases

Anna Johnson presented at the Canadian Sociological Association conference today on the role of intimacy in punishment outcomes for filicide cases. Drawing from 550 Ontario child homicide cases between 1985 and 2012, Anna Johnson and co-author Myrna Dawson examined first, how punishments varied for parents who killed their children compared to those who killed children in other contexts; and second, how punishments varied for maternal and paternal filicide offenders. The results demonstrated evidence of differential treatment based on victim offender relationship and supports findings of previous research regarding the treatment of maternal and paternal homicide offenders. Johnson is a research assistant at the CSSLRV and will begin her PhD with Dr. Dawson in September at the University of Guelph. Dawson is the CSSLRV Director who holds a Canada Research Chair in Public Policy in Criminal Justice. The conference is part of Congress 2017 being held at Ryerson University this week in Toronto.

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